The Crush and Run September 30, 2017

Welcome to the Crush and Run, a self supported 65ish mile endurance bicycle adventure that will test not only your cycling ability, but also your mettle.  You will have eight (8) hours to finish this secret route; where you will find paved roads, gravel roads, terrible roads, double track, single track, rocks, roots, and features you might not even be able to ride.

The course is a loop, and the Start will be within a fifteen (15) mile radius of Lancaster PA. The Finish will be about a mile of so from the start.  


    Wait a minute?  Secret Route?

Yup, secret.  We are not publishing the route until the day of the event... no photos, elevation profiles, pre-ride, no GPX to download, Strava segments... nothing.  We will provide cue sheets for the entire course at the start line - much like Trans Iowa or Dirty Kanza.

This makes bicycle choice very important.  In some places along the course, a skinny tired road bike will shine, in others place you will likely have to carry it.  Full suspension mountain bikes work great for single track and terrible roads, but are exceptionally cumbersome and slow on pavement.  This leaves thinking about a cross bike, which is ok for everything, but only great for cyclocross.  To be completely honest, no matter what bicycle you choose it will be the wrong bike.

    If it is a secret, how will you know where to go?

There will be a mandatory pre-race meeting at our beneficiary: The Common Wheel Friday September 29th at 7pm. You must attend this meeting to receive your entry number and sign your waiver, along with any pertinent route information and the location of the Start/Finish.

    Ok, I'm still interested.  How do I register? How much does it cost?

In order to register, make a minimum $35 non-refundable, tax deductible donation to The Common Wheel.  You must register through the link provided on this blog. Any donations made through any other means will not be considered a donation for registration.

The field is limited to 100 riders, first come first served.

Once you have made your donation registration information will be emailed to you.  If you register and can not make it, we will happily transfer your registration to someone else as long as it happens before September 1st. After September 1st registration transfers will be $15 each.


    What do I get if I win?

Bragging rights, a t-shirt**, likely some free beer probably maybe who knows, and an after party open to the public where we will be raffling off well over a $1,000 in merchandise from our sponsors!

Even if you aren't the first, you'll still get all of these things because you will have earned them. Because, well, this isn't a race, it's an adventure.  If you are the very first person to finish, we'll celebrate for sure... but we are going to celebrate everyone that finishes because finishing this thing is what matters.  We encourage anyone and everyone interested to come out and try. We want everyone to finish strong and proud. If you are looking for a challenge, or reaching for that next goal, we would love for you to find it here.  We do have finisher categories though, because it is nice to know.

Crush and Run Categories:

  • Under 5 hours
  • Under 6 hours
  • Under 7 hours
  • Finisher (finish within the eight hours)
  • 23c Men*
  • 23c Women*

*All the categories are obvious except the 23c. This class is for the hardest of hardcore. You will have to complete the entire 65 mile route on 23c tires within the allotted time. 

**You must register by Friday September 15th at midnight AND roll off the start line the day of the event to receive a commemorative t-shirt.

We will be keeping track of all the actual finish times, and we will be more than happy to share them with you after the event.

    What if someone wants to come along but doesn't want to do the Crush and Run?  Are they just supposed to sit and wait?

There is a lot to do within walking distance of the start.

What if I want to sponsor this?


Current Sponsors:
  • Dirt Rag Magazine
  • Surly Bikes
  • Banjo Brothers
  • State Bicycle Co.
  • Kali Protectives
  • Swiftwick
  • Worldwide Cyclery


Here is your legal notice:

The sponsors, organizers, and anyone having anything to do with this event
are NOT responsible for your safety in any way, shape or form.

You are on your own.

You are responsible for you.

Each rider is considered to be on a private excursion and remains solely responsible for any accidents, injuries, personal property damage, or any thing else he or she may be involved. No responsibility can, or will be accepted for riders becoming lost, stranded, injured or killed. If you are in trouble, call for help first.  Call us second.

This event will happen regardless of weather.  Be prepared.

Here’s what you will get:
  • 65ish mile course.
  • You will have 8 hours to finish.
  • A course cue sheet will be handed out at the start line.
  • There will be one mandatory, timed check point along the route.  If you do not check in within the allotted time you will receive a DNF.  No exceptions.
  • If you do not finish the course in it's entirety, you will receive a DNF.
  • There will be no pre-ride or course description.

Here's what you will need:
  • A bicycle.  
  • You may use what ever type of bicycle you like, but understand you will be on everything from paved roads to hike a bike.  Choose wisely.
  • A cycling computer, and the tools and parts to fix whatever might go wrong with your bike.
  • The cue sheet will be in miles, make sure your cyclometer is in miles.  If it is set in any other measurement, you will get lost very quickly.
  • The ability to understand and follow a cue sheet.  
  • If you do not know how to follow a cue sheet, you will get lost very quickly.

Here are the rules to follow:  You are on your own, period.
  • You must carry or find all of your food and drink along the route.  There are convenient stores and shops within a short distance off route, but there is nothing on the route.
  • Let me say it again: you must carry or find all of your food and drink along the route. Be sure to have enough provisions to travel 65 miles off-road without running out of water or food, or plan to leave the course to obtain provisions.
  • If you leave the course for any reason, you must start again where you left.
  • There will be no hand-ups or teams working together. you are doing this on your own.
  • There will be no GPX track. You must be able to read and understand cue sheets. The route will NOT be marked in it's entirety.  You may record the route as you ride it with a GPS.
  • You may not advance by any other means other than your bicycle or by foot carrying or pushing your bicycle
  • If you are racing single speed or fixed, you must use the same ratio/gear inch the entire time
  • If you break down, you must fix it. No outside help, tools, or support, even from other racers. Be sure to bring enough tools and supplies in the event of any break down. you are on your own.
  • You must cross the finish line with the bicycle you began with, no exceptions.
  •  You are completely on your own. Use your head. Look and yield for traffic. There will be no one to hold up traffic for you.  If you ride out in front of a bus and get killed, it is your fault.
  • Riders must wear an ANSI or Snell approved helmet, must obey city, county and state laws and Rules of the Road, and conduct themselves in a manner that will not bring discredit to the event.
  • All racers must use and carry with them and use a flashing red taillight, as well as a cell phone for emergency. Don't call us, call for help. You are on your own.


Name/Finish Time

Nick Amos: 5:50
Jarrod Baronowski: 4:47
Joshua Bean: 4:40
Jason Bloomfield: 4:49
Nathan Boyer: 3:52
Larry Brenize: 5:47
Brooke Bronowicz: 6:00
Clinton Claus: 5:21
Chistopher Crecelius: 4:42
Andrew Dewitt: 7:45
Adam Dolezal: 5:19
Brad Doxtater: 4:55
Trevor Garbow: 5:19
William Gentile: 4:56
Steve Gergely: 3:55
William Gifford: 4:54
Jared Good: 4:22
Steve Goss: 4:58
Jere Grube: 6:40
Randy Haluck: 4:56
Adam Hartman: 5:50
Thomas Hodges: 8:27
Catherine Hollenbach: 5:59
Jay Horning: 6:49
Gregory Hostetter: 4:56
Brent Kametz: 4:23
Brian Kraszewski: 6:01
Steve Kressler: 8:08
Cassandra Lizza: 5:45
Greg Madden: 6:33
Kristen Madden: 6:33
Matt Mccluskey: 4:51
Shawn McKenna: 5:16
Andrew Mead: 5:46
Erica Moe: 6:46
Justin Moe: 6:46
Wyatt Morrison: 5:45
Andrew Null: 5:47
Steve Null: 5:47
Joel Oberman: 6:08
Emily Olivetti: 7:57
Chris Peris: 5:58
Alain Philippe: 4:30
Michael Porter:8:06
Ken Powers: 4:40
Brian Reisker: 5:58
John Rodgers: 5:47
Dustin Sangrey: 6:34
David Saul: 4:46
Eric Speelman: 4:57
Curt Stager: 5:59
Molly Stager-Wood: 5:59
Brooke Stephens: 6:37
Brian Stoner: 6:33
Christopher Sutherland: 4:48
Matthew Tioga: 6:15 
Petr Tuma: 5:04
Ryan Vandenberg: 4:12  (23c Class)
Dan Walko: 4:52
Evan Wallick: 6:36
Emily Wilson: 5:24
Ann Yopp: 8:06
Christopher Yopp: 8:06